Struggling my way through a wall

I think it’s a year now. My phobia to write keeps me away from blogging. However I am working towards this painful problem that keeps me from sharing information. 

So what got me to write a post: The time I have spent working over a wall. Wall of a museum.
My graduation project with a studio called A B Design Habit in Delhi initiated about three months back. It is a museum design project narrating the life of a freedom fighter Diwan Singh ‘kalepani’. Although, I never thought conceptualizing a 37’6″ wall would take me 2 months! And the fight is still on. Being used to operating with material/medium that fit into my tiny hands make it hard for me to imagine something I can’t tangibly see to-scale. Everything is first scaled down and broken into small grids of say, 1ftX1ft. I shall share my experience of this journey in detail one I crack the idea entirely.

PS: I love hand-painted Bollywood posters. Deewar in my native language, Hindi, means Wall. It’s one of the super-hits from the Indian cinema of the 70’s.

June 17, 2010: And yes, I did reach a solution.


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