In search of a cartridge

It has been 3 months now, that I have moved to Goa for work. As exciting as it sounds, getting some basic things here can be a pain. For instance, a stationery shop.

My ink pen (a very special gift from my brother-in-law) needs a cartridge—I couldn’t find  anywhere in the Panjim city market. However, after loitering around some handicrafts’ stores I stumbled upon a narrow street with two small stationery shops. Hopelessly I entered one of them asking if they had the cartridge I needed. The shop owner scrutinized the empty sample that I had and refused in vain. He paused for a moment and said, ” ek syringe le lo chemist se aur normal ink se refill kar do!” (Buy a syringe from a chemist and use normal ink to refill it each time!)

WOW! I never thought about that. Studying about sustainable design and trying to exercise it as a mind-set for work is all I have been struggling to do. But such a simple idea never occurred to me. I went ahead and bought a 12 rupees camel black ink bottle with a 4 rupees syringe. A 16 rupees (or more) single cartridge v/s a 16 rupees multiple refilling solution! Disposable cartridge v/s re-usable syringe + bottle. It’s a solution.

So I learnt my lesson of application.

my ink pen works again :)

However, opening the ink bottle led to this


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