White on Orange

While I am lost in thought at work, I turn around to look at the window only to find a new shadow. It’s fascinating to see how these little pieces cast a different shadow each time.

Christmas was just round the corner and our office thought we must decorate our rooms. Having a lot of printed paper around, we thought of re-using them for this purpose. My love for paper structures, origami, kirigami; anything to do with paper craft got me excited and thinking. And Voila, came snowflakes. Making them was a lot of fun. The scissors had to be hidden away, for us to focus on projects. And now its shadow gives us a nice visual break from the mundane computer monitor. Revati has been a major contributor to help us make these in large quantities. Thanks to her quick hands with those scissors.

Simple instructions on how to make these are available here.
We also tried our hand on a 3-D snowflake. The instructions are available here.


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