College diaries.

Summer of 2010, I graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology with a degree of B.Design (Fashion Communication). Four years in New Delhi.

Most of my work from the initial semesters was stored at home (Ahmedabad). Going through those cartridge sheets and documents, I was amazed how jury after jury our semester’s work would be a pain to store (particularly, for my mom). Mounts of sheets, binders, products, material explorations and so on. And not that all of that work was ‘great’ to keep/store for life since most of them were pure explorations that I documented in the form of photographs. A few favorites were kept and the rest, I decided to bind into small diaries/folders. I need to carry notebooks almost everywhere, so wanted to make something handy.

A few folders to keep loose papers from office projects and diaries to take notes, draw and write seemed to be the need. Here are the things I assembled— a pair of scissors, paper cutter, steel edge, rubber based adhesive, small punching machine, a book binding needle and a spool of wool. I love fabric covers. So I used my mom’s old torn saree for a few things.

It starts with dismantling binders and cutting large sheets into desired equal sizes.raw material

And then it’s a matter of putting these together and having fun.

Binding Diaries


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