Curious exchange.

Road to Kyoorius Design Yatra signalled diverse routes for designers. Whether as a writer, educator, entrepreneur, strategist, artist, presenter or a performer. The theme for the conference, in it’s seventh year, was ‘Next’. What do we see as the next big thing in the design profession, so to speak.

KDY Speakers

Voice from India

Tania Singh Khosla and Sandeep Khosla presented about the blurring line between architecture and graphic design. However, design disciplines for various reasons are merging and coming together. Having an understanding of design, leads to application in all possible directions.

Fellow Indian designers

A conference hall, packed with 1200 members, who responded and resonated to many ideas proposed onstage. Whether it was the interactive session with Typeradio or panel discussion over branding. However, it appeared that we are still not technology savvy with respect to its application in our work. It seems that designers still yearn for the smell of ink and the texture of print. May be we need to evolve our education system and create that longing for the web/digital media.

Forthcoming event Typography Day 2012, at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Mumbai has announced it’s theme as Publication Design. Call for papers and posters are based on typography for print media. The same event at NID, in March 2011, celebrated letterpress and the art of letter design for print. I think this is indicative of where we need change. How we do it is still a question.

Some more articulated reviews for the event can be found here:
Adrian Shaughnessy wrote for DesignObserver Kyoorius DesignYatra Festival 2011.
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Design Yatra’s Tumblr Blog has some stories too.


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