Notes § How important is a brief?

Briefs are our birthright. As designers, we begin our day, work, everything with it. Our bible to a project. Rules slash constraints that make a project exciting. Although, there are different perspectives and people often refer with adjectives of it being good/bad/ugly/short/strange and so on.

In Search of Reality

At design school we would recite in chorus, “we must have a proper brief before we start problem-solving, we must have a proper…”—the chanting is no different once we get real business. However the responses are diverse, so to speak.

Defining a brief

The Secret to Get it Right

Start with a premise that no brief is a bad brief. It is merely a bad response. One can see beyond the written word when you read the intention behind it. Just like wearing someone else’s shoes to gauge their situation and responding to it. Here’s where we use our brain to re-define the brief.

There are situations, when briefs are entirely wrong. Occasionally, one must disobey them when the need arrives. Wrong briefs make false assumptions and outline incorrect premises. Go ahead. Change it.

On One’s own Hook

It is important to take the onus of a project once a designer is briefed on it. Often said, “make it your own baby.” Here are some instances, where fantastic work has been executed with some non existent briefs—

Making the Shoe Dance.

Converse Canvas Experiment

The team at Perfect Fools, Amsterdam was inspired by an image to bring a fascinating concept alive. Canvas shoe as a pixel. Here’s a glimpse—

Do check out the project to enjoy a great fusion of technology and visual communication.

Technology made Human.
Novi Rahman’s thesis project started as a need for a new user interface at Vodafone, Netherlands. She re-defined the brief to develop a human centered design. Inspired by her own long distance relationship.

Airmail Concept for Vodafone from Novi Rahman on Vimeo.

As they say, make the rules first only to break them later!


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