The More the Merrier

A load of work to be wrapped up before christmas while the office was chirpy with the ‘secret santa(s)’ at play. The previous year we did up our room with paper snowflakes, which you can see here. This year, we wanted a green post-it christmas tree with red duct tape borders on our glass door. ‘Christmas dialogue’ was the idea. However, lack of the right green post-it left us with green and red duct tape only. Mosaic we thought! And a mosaic it was.

Cracking an idea is one thing, making it is another. We thought, may be just a tree and jingle bells would be sufficient, considering the time we could afford to spend. “Complete the entire glass”, said our creative head zealously. And then there was no stopping us. Unbelievably, we all managed to chip in time from work little by little to create the piece. Not just the design team, the writers and the project managers were even more enthusiastic.

While making this, I was reminded of a classic hindi song from the black and white age of films. Naya Daur (1957)—”Saathi Haath Badhana.” Here’s the movie poster to refresh your memory.

Team Mosaic: Anurashi Shetty, Arun Mota, Azhar Kaleel, Bharat Ram, Dhrubajit Goswami, Ranjan Atreya, Revati Upadhyay, Sheel Damani

The more the merrier the making of the mosaic at Monte Carlo. And that, was a mouthful.


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