Just a little bit, as they say.

Just a Little Bit(e me!)

“This is going to change just a little bit” says, the client. Yet, here the ‘change’ would imply hurt as Ogden Nash would say it.

Change is good. Our work is to bring change and acceptance as designers. And no, we don’t have horns! However, once a concept is complete in context of the communication crafted; drafted is a fresh creative that speaks — and there — comes a new cue of ideas to be communicated, unrealized before — a kind request to add to the current concept and cause confusion for the customers, because company’s cacophony is further than the customer’s curiosity in knowing the brand. Down you go, engaging ideas.

In spite of the eighteen C’s that occur above for alliteration, iterations are anyway bound to come. The fight is between the concept surviving the change. So let’s take it in stride, smile for each change — charge for it may be — the circle of change is surely infinite :)

Note from client: Kindly, adjust this change.
Note to self: Kindly, do not kill the concept.


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