Dear Dreaming Diary

Slice of Life

I often write diaries. Mostly frantic lists, scribbles and doodles. Here’s an entry, I thought was worth blogging about.

28th May 2012

The first two years of infancy. I can’t recall whether I found it difficult to walk for the first time; only nine months old then. May be, may be not. Now, walking is a part of life. Walking through my career is not what I wish. Venture, dive, enjoy, grow and play is how I visualize it. Current stage is where I am learning to walk on my own. However, slow. It takes a crawl—to begin a walk. It takes a walk to make it run. It takes a run—to make a leap. And a leap is all it takes.

Childhood is back, with strings of livelihood attached.

I realized later, how the last bit from crawl to leap was a rip off from a song by Jason Mraz I had been looping lately. Beautiful lyrics though—

Also, I found something useful for young design professionals, freshly graduated to get inspired, Making it »


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