Festivities come. Colours follow.

This deepavli, I had the joy of being home. As much as the colours have always caught my eye, never put them together to capture those palettes. Without further ado, here are a few I loved.

The photograph below is a ‘pichwai’ meaning a hanging fabric; used to drape walls or space right behind the almighty’s idol. Pichwai is a textile art form, from Rajasthan. The one here was draped in our little temple at home on diwali. Although called pichwai, this one is a very simplified painting on fabric as opposed to its intricate counterpart that depicts lord krishna (Shrinath ji).


Lotus is a sacred flower and symbol in hindu belief systems.


Rangoli, as painted by my little sister. I loved her choice of colours, vivid and festive.

This one below, is a delight to see. A traditional form draped in a contemporary colour palette. The surprise is the aubergine face, which is usually an orange/ yellow on all auspicious occasions. However, the colour code does not break the beautiful relationship Lord Ganesha has with festive occasions. He looks charming as ever with the pretty organic trunk and the blue dhoti!

Bright Aubergine

Mirrors form the ’tilak’ on the forehead.

Here’s an example of realism in rangoli. A classic iconography of Lord Krishna as Shrinath ji, surrounded by two of his dedicated devotees. Left: Vallabh-acharya ji, voice avatar of Krishna; right: Yamuna ji, the sacred river. The painting is adorned with peacock feathers and jewels to bring out the sringar (beauty). Shrinathji is the main subject of most pichwai paintings as well.

Iconographic Blue


The lady behind the beautiful art piece. The aubergine Ganesh one, also made by her.


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