A year old as a Consultant

This month I am a year old. A lot older with my experiences from the previous year. Summing up the joy as 5 good reasons to be a design consultant:

1. Work from anywhere.

Nope. A good/arranged workplace and discipline is what it takes. Traveling with work is not a great idea (tried and failed). But yes, working from anywhere means a cafe, library or outdoors — stimulating for the brain for sure.

2. Be your own boss.

Well, it’s more like being multiple employees. A project manager, business developer (still trying to get a hang of this), designer, creative head, writer, copywriter, content developer and a researcher. There could be more.

3. Life is easy.

It’s demanding. There’s work on weekends and still here I am writing this post. One cannot apply for leave. Multiple projects = beyond the word commitment.

4. Choose your projects.

One is lucky if she/he is in a situation to do so. But choice is surely an option one can practice as a consultant and bear the fruits; if not monetary, work satisfaction is guaranteed. Monetary fruits are important too *wink wink*

5. Get information from the horse’s mouth.

Nothing better than listening to the business idea, model and the whole story from someone who’s nurturing it. Makes the work exciting and precise.

The above are top 5 from the whole story. With recent developments, I now share a co-working space at an incubator; based out of Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad. More on that here.

Fun fact: Why a consultant and not a freelancer? People give you a look of ‘get a real job lady’ when you say freelance designer. Therefore, consultant. Changing words with the audience is another lesson that deserves notes.

Let me know what you think of freelance designers. May be the ‘real job’ situation is not so common after all.


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