Find your Green Dog

“What happens when a child makes a green dog on paper?”, says Sandeep Yadri. “Can you guess the colour of the road around? or the grass might just be a bright orange.” He smiles with a convincing look that design is all about thinking like a child.

After an exhausted saturday, I agreed and disagreed at the same time. My first argument — a child might not be my audience. “Design is very audience specific.”

I knew in the back of my mind that what he said needs thoughtful application and not a counter argument, yet we continued. With a 4 a.m. road journey to follow, he closed the subject saying — look at the world like your 11 month old niece and you’ll see wonderful things.

The thought is revolving in my head; now in search of a green dog.

Sandeep uncle is an architect by profession with a simple motto — “feel your design in three dimension”

He visited us with my nanaji (maternal grandfather) just to observe door frames in a remote area of Gujarat. Nanaji is a real estate developer and researches well for every project. As they say, one door leads to another. I had an inspiring weekend. 25th year got me a good share of educative encounters till the very last day.


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