The New Co-Working Space

It has been over a month of sharing a beautiful workspace at a business incubator. CIIE is a center for innovation, incubation and entrepreneurship operating out of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, new campus. They are looking to create a space for creative professionals, designers and start-ups to interact, exchange and get the best out of this diversity.

It’s a great place to work from. Thanks to linkedin for making it happen. Not just the office space, but the ride to it is equally stimulating.

Bits and Pieces

While I sit and work, a lot is happening around that’s engaging and informative. Listing a few of my take aways here —

1. Put everything you make on the wall. A wall is a medium that helps you forget ownership of the idea — User Experience Design Workshop

2. Choose your words based on who is on the other side. What is the one take out and one call to action. Only one — Art of Pitching (superbly pitched)

3. Believe in your idea. Waiting for investors to fund the project gets you nowhere — Entrepreneurship (sharp indicators)

PS: Over a digital marketing session, I was lost in graphs. Wondering if digital marketers consider that the metrics they follow doesn’t read consumer psychology at all — SEO and the game of numbers (death by slides)

Impressions about—

1. Re-designing things. Fundamental to a redesign is understanding the reason for the same. Making it on the same lines with better colours is not solving the purpose.

2. Design and branding is a sham. ‘Consultants are out there to loot you.’ This was brought up over a talk by an angel investor. I smiled, knowing that he’s not the first person to bring it up. But the opinion is formed on the basis of a narrow expectation. A ‘cosmetic’ touch up for business is not a solution. Identifying the customer journey and designing a brand experience around it is the answer.

3. Writing two pages of content daily. Only if campaigns survived with 300 words dosage — product promotion and content marketing would never need consumer research.

4. Improving documents in 5 minutes. Feedback and minor tweaks can only make content crisper not necessarily communicative.

The above is a factual list, obvious to most people. They know it, but subconsciously. A designer, a writer or any creative is not a quick fix person. She/he can be one. But the expectation from a quick fix needs to be parallel. The result is a quick fix too.

The role of a designer is to co-create. ‘This is not my job’ is not quite relevant; there doesn’t exist one that is not your job. The choice may be.


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